Detroit Achievement Academy is a nonprofit public school registered in in the great State of Michigan. Your donations will pay our staff, feed our students, and keep our lights on.

Basically, your kindness will enable us to provide a world-class education for our students.

Thank you, in advance, from every single one of us.

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We need stuff!We have several online wish lists. Everything is on them is ranked from a need to a want. If you have an item that is on our registry and just want to mail it to us, we would love that, too!

DAA Classroom Supply Wishlist
DAA Book Wishlist
DAA Arts Wishlist
DAA Office Supply Wishlist
DAA 2014-2015 Schoolyear Wishlist

Mrs. Boyer’s Class Wishlist (1st Grade)
Mrs. Brophy’s Class Wishlist (Kindergarten)
Ms. Johnson’s Wishlist (Kindergarten)
Mrs. McMillan’s Wishlist (1st Grade)

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Detroit Achievement Academy
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We think bitcoin is cool and are thrilled to be one of a handful of nonprofits gladly accepting donations in bitcoin. Our address is: 1JzvRhesLjHNTPM9Vb3HqxJum7p7Wmi54C or use the QR code below.

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