Something To Celebrate

The holiday season is here. Decorations are up and cheery music is playing. For most, these last two months before the new year are jam-packed. It's family time, eating time, spending ($) time, vacation time, and celebration time. We live in a culture of busy.

And at DAA it's no different. We have conferences, holiday shows, assessments, unit planning, fieldwork, meetings, kids needing coats, backpacks, gloves and hats...the list of things we need (want) to get through (do happily) goes on. Our staff is very busy. Our kids are very busy. Our families are very busy.

But the difference at DAA is that we are busy for a reason. Our kids are getting family time (crew) and a strong sense of values and community (our habits of character) every single day. They are eating three well-balanced meals. Kale salad or macaroni chili anyone? DAA students are spending time (not money!) on writing letters to each other, revising their work, bettering their fluency, and getting to know Detroit. They vacation daily with deep breaths and stretching (this is probably more for the teachers!) But most importantly our kids are celebrating and are being celebrated because they have achieved SO much. And we are incredibly proud of them.

Please remember to celebrate this holiday season..and every season, despite out culture of busy.