2nd Grade Goes to 826Michigan

image2 (1)Our Second Grade Crew arrived at 826 Michigan in Ann Arbor on Wednesday, October 1, but everyone there seemed to think it was Tuesday, and that the students are there for the...Faberge Egg Seminar?! We were all very confused. A few moments into the seminar, however, Dr. Blotch, the grumpy editor of 826, comes over the loud speaker to tell everyone that it's actually Wednesday, and the staff, led by Lucy and Tom, owe him a story by 1:00 pm or they will ALL be fired.

Staff, volunteers, and students worked together to write a story to an important part right before the end--the story climax! The students then wrote their own endings individually to share their own take on the story so that Dr. Blotch can make lots of money selling not just one book, but 18 instead. At the end of the workshop, Dr. Blotch read each student’s ending one by one. Although he has NEVER before approved a story, he was so amazed by the genius of each second grader’s ending that he approved them all! Our Second Grade Crew was able to use super writing skills to help the 826 Michigan staff write a really fantastic story, one that thrilled even the grouchy Dr. Blotch! What a relief.

Each student was able to take his or her own bound book home with an individual ending. They also came away with an understanding of the parts of a good story: characters, setting, plot, dialogue, conflict...and lots and lots of juicy details. Thank you so much to the staff of 826 Michigan for this incredible experience, and to Dr. Blotch for pushing us to be the best writers we can be.

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