DAA and the Joy Factor

One thing is clear when you walk into any classroom at Detroit Achievement Academy--are students aren't just engaging in learning, they are taking part in JOYFUL learning! We sing songs to remember the days of the week, clap and chant to greet one another in the morning, and have fun rituals like wearing sentence-strip crowns to celebrate the student of the day. There's nothing I love more than watching my students pore over their independent reading books, looking for new details and information. When our timer goes off, every hand shoots into the air, excited to share something they've read or a new idea they noticed. In math, students bob their heads to joyful music during centers and work station time, learning to count and add in collaborative groups. Students share appreciations for one another at the end of each day, things like, "I appreciate the way you played with me during recess," and, "I appreciate that you pushed in my chair for me." Our students make DAA a joyful place to learn and achieve!photo (43)