DAA and the Power of Community

I spent Thursday evening at the Grandmont-Rosedale Farmer's Market recruiting new students, and was struck by the strong sense of community and partnership--the neighbors are truly rallying around our amazing, little school! Almost every person I spoke with was willing to pass along flyers and information about our school to their friends and family. My heart filled with joy when I walked to the different stands and saw visitors and vendors wearing Detroit Achievement Academy buttons. The support of our neighborhood further reinforces for me that DAA is going to be transformational for our students and our community.

The broader community has also been incredibly supportive of DAA by offering time and donations to ensure that we're creating an exemplary school for our students. Through websites like DonorsChoose.org, Chalkfly.com, FirstBook, and our Amazon registries, thousands of dollars worth of supplies, books, and equipment have been donated to provide our kids with the best education possible. We’ve secured hundreds of children’s books for our kindergarteners and first graders, our outdoor play equipment is on the way, and we’re stocking up on technology that will prepare our learners for success in the 21st century. Our school building has been full of dedicated volunteers, who generously give their time to paint, garden, and help with classroom setup. Thanks to their support and commitment, our classrooms are looking beautiful and ready for kiddos on September 3!

Finally, I’m blown away by the support of our families. Partners and parents alike have chipped in to help at every turn. Husbands are braving the humidity for days while beautifying our garden space, painting classroom walls while we are in professional development, and recruiting new students at community events. Boyfriends and fathers have leveled desks, put up whiteboards, and mopped floors. Mothers and aunts have donated everything from toilet paper rolls to buttons to support our efforts. We are so lucky!

With the community behind us, I can’t wait for our doors to open in just three days!