Photo Colleague Today is a special day in the DAA community-- Kyle's birthday! We wouldn't even have this community if it wasn't for this charming woman. We at DAA want to wish you the very best day because you deserve it and more! Here are some words from all the teachers wishing you the happiest birthday!


"When you encounter someone that has a heart of gold, you step back and ask, “What did I do to have a person like this in my life?” You work non-stop, you give it your all and still remain so cool and collected.What you are doing in the community of Detroit is remarkable, thoughtless, and commemorative. I aspire to be you and hope that I could be half as great as you someday. I wish you the best birthday ever! #ownit #worstbehavior "– Ms. Johnson


"Kyle is brave enough to do what most people would think is impossible or too hard. Her ability to take risks, mobilize a great team, and make the impossible possible are pretty amazing. I have been really lucky to join Kyle early in the DAA process to be a part of creating something special. I really appreciate her trust and belief in me. Thank you, and happy birthday!" -Mrs. Roesser


" I've never seen ANYONE her age so motivated to succeed...yet so humble; so INTENSE, yet so laid back; so driven, yet willing to see and capture special moments; so targeted, yet willing to bend; so frustrated by red tape, yet willing to jump through hoops for kids. Kyle is truly a diamond in the rough and she shines and makes life livable for children and adults alike."-Mrs. Brophy


"On May 28, 2013, I first connected with Kyle through email correspondence and we scheduled a time to chat on the phone. In preparation for our conversation, naturally I did research--I wanted to learn about who she was and what her vision was for DAA.  Her 4-minute promotional video left me feeling DAA was the place I wanted to work!  Kyle was energetic, passionate, and oozed determination and drive. After speaking with her on the phone and hearing her vision and commitment to DAA, I was hooked. I called my mom immediately, on the verge of tears, because I had just spoken with someone who really understood how we could change education. Kyle has continued to amaze and wow me every single day. She rides the bus every morning to pick-up our kids from their homes and then rides with them again in the afternoon to assure they get home safely. She works tirelessly to ensure that every single student and teacher has what he or she needs to be successful. She leads our staff meetings, participates in our professional development, and holds us to standards of excellence at all levels. She makes sure our school is the best place to learn and work—and it is!




"Happy, happy birthday to our fearless leader!  Thank you for all you do. From making sure we have what we need to learn and grow, to riding the bus with us every day, we are so grateful for you :) A million hugs and smiles to you on your special day!"- Mrs. McMillan



"Happy birthday Kyle! I hope you have a day as fabulous as you are.  Thank you for creating such an incredible place for me to work,  and more importantly for our children to learn. (I think I feel this way especially since so many of my former Burns families are part of our DAA Family.) I hope you know the incredible impact you've had on our students' and staff's lives. Thank you for everything you do and everything I know you'll continue to do." - Ms. Moquin