Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week!


It's no secret that DAA as an organization believes that our teachers are the most fantastic, brilliant, dedicated people in Detroit (Michigan.... the entire world...). We are constantly reminded of it.

Most of our teachers arrive daily by 6:45am. They maintain extreme levels of excellence in their preparation and instruction until they leave at 4pm... or 5pm.... or 6pm. They also feed students breakfast and snack, they call parents to check on families, they deal with the behavioral ups and downs (and way way downs) that come with 5- and 6- year olds and they do it with unending patience/love and start each new day fresh like total saints. They maintain extremely high expectations for our students in behavior and academics even when it would be SO much easier for our teachers to give up, lower expectations, and move on.

It is seriously  mind-blowing.

I know that DAA's teachers are not the exception and that teachers everywhere have a similar dedication.

I hope you all will do something nice for the educators in your lives this week (and every week.) We are making this a week of tiny appreciations/celebrations for our staff. To all teachers out there, thank you so so much for all your hard work!

<3 Kyle

P.S. The above photo is 9-months-pregnant Mrs.McMillan "working" during a rainy indoor recess day. See what I mean?