Keep Growing Detroit & their Garden Resource Program

(photos: the distribution day for KGD resources and our adorable haul of lettuces, collards, and scallions.)


We are so excited to have picked up our fall crop transplants and seeds from Keep Growing Detroit via their Garden Resource Program!

Keep Growing Detroit is, essentially, one of the coolest groups ever to function in Detroit. Seriously. They provide seeds and transplants to school, community, and family gardens for a very low annual membership fee ($10-20) and have really incredible educational programming and outreach. The group is run by joyful, helpful, garden gurus that are genuinely interested and excited to help out new gardeners in the community.

We are increasingly amazed as we work with them and hear about the truly incredible work they do for the entire city. We are really honored and excited to count them as a resource as we build and develop a future of our amazing school garden.

Check them out, sign up, donate, take a course, or join us for the bike tours of Detroit urban farms on August 7th!