Our Results // Year 1

At DAA, we are constantly reflecting about how we can get better.  We tend to get hung up sometimes on what we want to improve.  However, it’s just an important to think about what we did well and stop and be proud. We use many forms of data to inform our decision-making and measure our progress.  I would like to share some data I am particularly proud of! At DAA, we use the NWEA MAP assessment in reading and math.  This is a nationally normed assessment that allows us to see how our students are performing in comparison with students all over the country in terms of their rate of academic growth and their levels of proficiency.

Every single one of our classes surpassed the projected growth in both subject areas.  This means that our classrooms grew MORE than what a typical class would grow throughout the course of a year.  Our classrooms grew at a MINIMUM 1.21 grade levels in one year, with many students growing up to two grade levels or more.  DAA’s growth levels were the highest in the City of Detroit!

Our first grade mathematicians were a highlight in our data.  In the fall, our first graders tested at the 8th percentile for proficiency nationally in math.  However, by the end of the year, they tested at the 67th percentile for proficiency and their growth rates were at the 95th percentile.  This means they went from the lowest in the nation to significantly above average, and they grew more than almost ALL first graders in the whole country.  What more proof do we need that students from any circumstance can excel when they are given the tools to do it?!

2013-2014 Detroit Achievement Academy MAP Data


% of growth projection Mean Gain Percentile Proficiency %tile Fall Proficiency %tile Spring  Change in %tile


144% 95%tile 8%tile 67%tile



123% 76%tile 1%tile 19%tile


Reading % of growth projection Mean Gain Percentile Proficiency %tile Fall Proficiency %tile Spring

 Change in %tile


121% 78%tile 12%tile 56%tile


Kindergarten 124% 61%tile 5%tile 38%tile



We also received some exciting data about how we are doing as an Expeditionary Learning school.  On our annual Implementation Review, we scored a 76.  Our expected score in our first year was 47.  This means that we performed as well as a school in its third year across a variety of indicators in our very first year!


2014 DAA Expeditionary Learning Implementation Review Data

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 9.26.42 PM

We use a lot more than numbers to measure our success as a school.  We use the smiles on our students’ faces, their excitement to walk in our doors everyday, and the way they exhibit our Habits of Character.   BUT, numbers are very important too if we want to achieve our school’s mission of creating students who are ready to change the world!   Our students have shown that they are on the path to success. Way to go, DAA students and teachers!  We can’t wait for the fall to build on all of this past year’s learning