Socially yours.

fb-wallpaper I don’t begin to understand how to run a school. I’m a teacher. I teach kids. I am most fortunate to work at a school with an executive director that knows how to run a business, how to fundraise, and how to get her passions in the news.

Kyle Smitley’s goal is to have a school run on donations with a staff of people who care about children and a board of directors who understands business. This is truly the perfect combination. Many teachers complain that business people don’t understand the field of education and, therefore, should not be making budgetary decisions. Many business people don’t see the fruit of funding a school.

Kyle has brought these two groups together for her vision and passion: to run the best school in the worst area of Detroit. Kyle knows, as do we teachers, that ALL children, no matter their adversity, have the right to an excellent education and can be successful with an excellent education. We are committed to helping our students succeed.

We teachers bring our best, every day, to the classroom. We spend countless hours outside the classroom planning and preparing. Kyle also brings her best, every day, to the school. She also spends countless hours making phone calls, guiding tours, searching for sponsors, and distributing donations.

Wouldn’t you love to be a part of our vision? Kyle has planned a Second Grade Social to raise the funds necessary to open up a second grade classroom next year. We’ve already made so many plans for next year and would love for you to be a part of them. Come join us for an evening of fun, drinks, and appetizers as we plan for the future – our children’s future.