Thank you for our Amazon Wish List goodies!

The below is an open thank you note that I would have written the incredibly generous people that sent our teachers and students things from our Amazon Wish Lists if Amazon would have given us their contact information. We managed to get their names, though! (: 

 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear [insert the names found below],

Please accept my most sincere, humbled, and, well, ecstatic thanks for your incredible and generous gifts over the past two months. (Oct. 15th-Dec. 4th, to be specific.)

Each day that we received packages, it was met with pure excitement and giddiness. I opened each box personally and treasured every single item that I found within. Every time we received a book, I pranced down to Principal Sharon Yaecker Roesser's office and happily set it on her desk. She was always so thrilled with each and every book that we received. (She loves books a lot and is always telling me that our students need all the books that we can get.)

With each classroom supply we received, I would open the box and, at lunch time, our classroom teachers would come pick up the goodies that they'd received that day. They would squeal with joy every single time.

Our students saw the classroom rugs that you sent and raced to them in pure bliss. Now, they have a comfortable, warm, bright, and joyful place to sit and learn.

Our art program has enough supplies to last until the end of the school year. (That is mind-blowing.) Our students are able to express themselves and learn without being encumbered by enormous budget stress, etc. It is a tremendous gift to give to them, our Arts Instructor, and to me, whose chief worry it is to make sure that our staff and students have what they need to be functioning at their absolute best.

Over the past couple of months, I've walked into our classrooms and have seen every single donated item being used to enrich instruction and academics for our students. Everything from a storage bin to copy toner to alphabet/phonics games have been put to incredible use every single day.

Every day, therefore, I think of you all and every day I want to thank you. This letter is very overdue.

Please accept a huge hug on behalf of our very hug-y students and staff (and myself.) Without you and your kindness, we would not be delivering on the level that we are.

We are forever grateful. (:

Best, Kyle



Mary Dillon Reynolds Stephen Arsenault Toietta Dixon Kelly Levatte Samantha Povilonis Jan A Furlow Kylie Bettridge Buthaina Carolyn B Toth Robin D. Starks Beatrice Palmer Rosa M. Moran Tony Thach Anastasia T. Warzak Doc Maret Regina Knudstrup Margaret Ford Mary M. Ewing Deborah J. Rich Samantha Hoffman Kari Bordoli Lynn M. Sasso Pamela Deitsch Steven D Einbinder Robin Wawersik Leslie Sprague K. Hughes Jessica Alicia M. Proffitt Stroker David J. Arcara Elizabeth N Pavano Alice Julie Megan E Camarena Abigail Exconde Jaci Donlan Katie Kiter Jessica Kline Connie Ewert Jennifer Russell Keith Sparrow Susan Shepley Mary Ann Dempsey Rachel Pfennig Julie Knepper Updyke Donna M. Patrick Rosemary Zagebaylo Dana Winkel Sarah Fink Maria Guzman Nanette T. Meo Lauren Rosner Julie Nguyen Kathryn Hughes Nicole Maida Jennifer A. Leslein-Hopley Gina Papa Jane M. Miller Julie Allen Sukhmani Singh Melissa Yard Saeed Al Falasi Martin Cicero Andreina Barnola Elizabeth Pruett Tony Thach Nicole Maida Jennifer Guyton Susan Bleyaert Amy Smith Kathleen Schneider Dr. Tara Voelker Elaine Henderson Gregory Bollinger Carolyn Toth Susan Oneil Allyson Ramans Megan Camarena Allison Hill Tracy Fox Lori Schultz Jennifer Constante Laura Ryan Megan Camarena Yvan Cote Barbara Milam Aashir H Patel Razi Jafri Lisa Maria Anabel Stoeckle Kelly J Auble Deidre Mapes