We Have 2nd Graders!

IMG_5727 Last year, my first grade students worked relentlessly to be second grade ready. They monitored their reading progress after each assessment, and knew how high their bar graphs had to go to read like a second grader. In math, we focused on “second grade skills,” and quizzed themselves at the door each morning to tell time, name shapes by their vertices, and exchange coins. In the classroom and on the playground, students worked to get along with one another like second graders by embodying our Habits of cCharacter.

And FINALLY, the time has come—we will ALL be starting the year ready for second grade! I couldn’t be more thrilled to be continuing on with my amazing students, guiding them in their learning and discovery as their second grade teacher. This year, our classroom theme will be, “Second Grade Superheroes!” Students will continue to build their knowledge, skills, and Habits of Character with efforts that are nothing short of heroic. Even our first expedition of the year will center on heroes—the innovators and inventors of Detroit’s past, present, and future!

While there were many things to be proud of last year in first grade (like an average reading growth of over 1.5 years and a growth rate in math in the 95th percentile for the entire nation!), it’s exciting to envision the year ahead. The biggest change? Students will become almost entirely independent leaders of their own learning and of our school community! That’s no small feat for a group of seven year olds, but I am confident that our second grade students are going to thrive in an environment that promotes autonomy, cooperation, passion, and integrity.  Stay tuned for all of the new and noteworthy happenings! IMG_5602