What can you do with paint?

In kindergarten, we can do A LOT! We have done many projects this year using watercolor and tempera paint. To start our year, we did a unit on self-portraits, using a variety of materials. During this unit, we learned how to use paint. We learned how to rinse our brushes and what happens to our paint if you forget (lots of shades of brown). We learned how to put paint on our paper using our brushes. Instead of globbing as much paint as we can get, we make our paintbrushes ballerinas who get a little bit of paint and dance on their toes across the paper. We learned to create a watercolor wash by using a tiny bit of paint and a lot of water to create a soft background. In our color-mixing unit, we used paint to learn the primary colors (red, blue, yellow) and how we can mix those colors to create secondary colors (purple, green, orange). We mixed colors to make color wheels. We learned about complimentary colors and using warm and cool colors. We created the same picture of a caterpillar using only warm colors (orange, red and yellow) and then using cool colors (purple, blue and green).

blow painting

In our current unit, we are learning new and fun ways to use paint in art. We created blow paint monsters for our first project. We used eye droppers to drip tempera mixed with water on paper and then blow the paint using a straw to spread the drops into splatter shapes. Once dry, we added eyes to make our monsters come alive! Throughout the rest of the unit, we will be using painters tape as an introduction to negative space in art. We will create lines with painters tape on our paper and then paint designs over it. Once dry, we will remove the tape to see the space left without paint.  We will also learn about texture using pain. We explore splatter paint, and create a collage using our splatter paint paper to create texture in a collage. We will also use glue to create lines and then painting over it to create texture in art.

We will use paint in more units this year as well. We are so grateful to all our supporters who have sent us countless gallons of paint so we can continue to learn, Keep your eyes peeled for our future projects!