2nd Grade Crew // Learning Through Labs

“Play is the highest form of research.” -Albert Einstein

As children grow and develop, so does their curiosity and fascination with different topics. Students discover unique interests and learn through exploring and experimenting with hands-on materials.



In our module lessons, students are immersed in rich character texts and participate in collaborative conversations with their peers. Students are able to practice their habits of character while participating in joyful and engaging activities with their crew. In Labs, students rotate through 4 of the 5 available labs, depending on what they are studying in their Module Lessons. The lab names are- Explore, Engineer, Imagine, Create, and Research. Each lab is an important extension of the module because it allows students to immerse their minds into the topics they are learning and further their explorations to become an expert in the area and gain hands on experience in the field of study.

During our first Module, we explored the importance of schools and discussed the challenges children around the world face while going to school. Students discussed how they can create a world of play for themselves and others, reimagined what an ideal classroom would look like, and researched each other’s social interests.

During our imagine lab, students are able to explore with dress up materials, blocks, play dough, and art supplies while diving into reader’s theatre scripts from schools around the world. As I monitor groups, I hear many laughs, kind words, and students showing cooperation to learn and grow about the world around them.

Labs is an exciting time in our day to focus on a character targets, work with engaging and imaginative materials, and build community through play.

We hope you can come in and join us sometime!


Love and Laughs,
Ms. V’s Second Grade Crew