6th Grade Crew // Girls Advisory!

This year as we have started our first year of middle school we have begun advisory for our middle schoolers. Advisory is an opportunity to grow into a young adult and have a strong support system with staff members and students in their own grade. Most days our sixth graders are split into boy and girl advisories and focus on topics that benefit their own needs. In my opinion, one of the most exciting aspects of girl advisory this year has been our life skills days. Once a week we focus on a life skill that might not typically be taught in school but is beneficial once you are a teenager or adult in order to be more independent. 

The sixth grade girls have learned about topics such as financial literacy, basic cooking skills, hygiene, survival skills, and basic first aid. These have all been topics suggested by our students and have included future ideas such as basic sewing skills, how to change a tire, and career opportunities. 

Our financial literacy day consisted of how to write a check, balance a checkbook, how to read a credit card statement, and the basics of interest on credit cards and loans. On our cooking day we were able to discuss and practice hand washing for food preparation, knife skills and safety, and how to follow recipes for both salsa and hummus. Our first aid day touched on how to clean and bandage minor wounds, basics of CPR, and we went through a first aid kit and discussed what the benefits and uses of each supply was. 

In order to prepare our kids for future success we are trying to give them real world skills that are necessary in order to survive in the adult world. What are some life skills you would have benefitted from when you were in sixth grade? Please share more ideas with us in the comments!