A Note from a Founding Parent

DAA Parent Kamilah meditating with our students in the wings of the DSO.

DAA Parent Kamilah meditating with our students in the wings of the DSO.

Took the kids to see the new Peanuts movie this weekend. I was amazed at all the habits of character I saw throughout the film. Midway through the film, at a pivotal moment, when Charlie was being recognized in front of the whole school for something he didn't accomplish, I turned to my little ones and asked what show Charlie show right now??? Without hesitation, Kris (our oldest) said "integrity".

When we got home we talked about the movie. What was even more amazing was that they recognized them as well. All of them. Ones I hadn't even seen. Like curiosity and creativity as Snoopy wrote his story. Perseverance when Charlie danced at the Dance. And responsibility when Charlie spent the whole weekend working on a book report without going outside to play even once.

As a parent we want our kids to thrive and succeed. We want them to have courage and be kind. To be smart and work diligently at being their very best everyday. As parents we often struggle to find ways to makes these virtues teachable, in a way that is meaningful to them at every stage of development.

I always knew that good habits of character were things I wanted to and would enculturate at home. But there were lots of times when I didn't know how. As a founding family at DAA it's easy for me to reflect on the times when teaching good habits of character at home wasn't as easy ( or as fun)  as watching a Peanuts movies.

As a parent we rely on instinct and intuition. Gut feelings and internal compasses to rear and raise and guide our children through childhood and into adulthood's better than our own. 

There's no rule book for parenting. No hand guide, no "code of conduct". Thank God DAA has one. 

Mom & DAAP Member