Compassion & Compassion Day at DAA

Students make friendship bracelets to give to friends to show compassion.

Students make friendship bracelets to give to friends to show compassion.

Here at DAA one of our Habits of Character is Compassion. We love showing love SO MUCH that we made a club filled with students who love to show compassion and teach it to everyone else.

The Compassion Club, led by a third grader, is comprised of kindergarteners through third graders who all have exceptional scores in Compassion on their progress reports. Some of these Compassion Club members are our Compassion Light Leaders (that means that our club is truly excellent). The club leader came to me to be their advisor and of course I couldn’t resist. We planned our first meeting and gathered up the troop to problem-solve ways that we could get the entire school to show compassion to each other.

The Compassion Club came up with the idea to have a Compassion Day! The week prior to Compassion Day, we held a contest that made each crew show compassion to each other. The crew who showed the MOST compassion would be titled, “The Most Compassionate Crew.” The winning crew would win a giant heart badge to be placed on their door and would be announced at our Compassion Day. At Compassion Day, all the crews participated in friendship bracelet making, compassion card making, reading compassionate books, and fill-a-bucket relay race. They LOVED showing love to each other.

Our school was filled with love that was contagious. Parents came to volunteer and show love to each other. Compassion Day was a success and the club is now motivated to continue spreading love all year long.

Now we question you… How did you show compassion today?