Kindergarten Crew // Research, Plan, ACTION!

Ms. Carter’s kindergarten crew at DAA are hard at work to solve the problem of litter and garbage at DAA and in the city of Detroit. First they walked around the campus of DAA and on the sidewalks of Detroit to observe and record just how much litter and garbage has been thrown to the ground. They came up with the idea to write a letter, postcard, poster, and or a video to get the word out about the garbage and litter and explain the steps you can take to help keep our community clean.

Of course we cannot tackle everything on our plan list at once! So we voted to see which plan of action we should do first. There was a tie between making a video and a poster. Our next steps was to break into expert groups according to their interest. Let’s face it, garbage and litter affects so much in our community including humans, water, and animals.

During our Expeditionary Learning block, the DAA kindergarten crew split into 3 expert groups and began discussing what they could include on their posters to help others learn about the effects of littering and garbage.  Their background knowledge comes from numerous informational texts and videos which allows them to have a visual understanding of litter effects and recycling. They have also learned about rainwater, the relationship between plants (cutting of trees specifically) and humans, and even the recycling process. Who knew scientist came in such little packages.