Meet The Future #ENOUGH


"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

One focus from the EL curriculum is the importance of social justice.  Our students are Change Makers.  This means they know they have a voice and can use it to create change within our communities.  They are incredibly smart, driven and capable of so much love.  It is with this foundation, that they will be our future, and our future looks bright.

One month ago today the tragedy in Parkland Florida took place.  Students around the country demanded to be heard, to be safe.  A nationwide walkout was scheduled for today, March 14th, for 17 minutes, 1 minute for each person who passed.  

As a crew we came together to speak about what makes us feel safe and what our dreams are for our school.  The students were asked, "What do you want our country to know?  What do you want adults to hear?"  Independently, they came up with responses such as "we deserve better", "stop the violence", "more love" and "we support each other."  It was important we made sure our statements were unifying, and that they were personal.  The students engaged in conversation about how they could be proactive and reflective in their lives.

They reflected on how we can become stronger communities, and look out for each other. One student wrote, "We have a chance to be alive.  We deserve to be loved.  We should be grateful.  We should stand up for ourselves."

As we stood outside, we received numerous honks, waves and appreciations.  They said they felt empowered, and someone said "they're listening!" 

For our crew, this is what it means to be reflective and get involved.  The world is huge and forever changing and we have an opportunity to change it for the better.  We are the future.