Morning Crew // A Time To Creatively Cooperate

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This year I’m very lucky to be a part of the morning routine with the Fourth grade cew. DAA is unique in that it values the time we share together as a whole crew. Each week Ms. Fowler and myself plan fun, engaging, and thoughtful activities for 4th graders to participate in for morning crew. We start each day with a greeting where we all get the chance to greet each other, it is such a great way to start the day! Then we do a share where students think about a topic and share their thoughts aloud. Using our school wide crew curriculum map we focus on a different topic each week and always relate them back to our Habits of Character. Our Habits of Character are compassion, responsibility, integrity, cooperation, curiosity & creativity, and perseverance. The sharing portion of crew is a great way for students to share their opinions and learn more about one another. It also provides them the opportunity to reflect on how they can show their Habits of Character during the school day. Lastly we plan an initiative which is a game or activity where students get the opportunity to practice while interacting with one another in a structured and fun way. 

As an art educator I am always trying to find ways for students to tap into their curiosity and creativity. Crew initiatives are the perfect place to implement fun challenges for students to work together and try something new! This year with fourth grade I have been providing them with opportunities to show their Habits of Character while also being able to think creatively. We have tried out some building challenges using different materials. Our first building challenge was using straws and modeling clay to work in teams and try to build the tallest tower! Our second building challenge was using different 3D building manipulatives to create a group sculpture. One of our last building challenges which focused on responsibility was to very carefully participate in a game of giant jenga! We even were able to show compassion and teach it to the first grade crew during our last Habit of Character Homecoming where we cheered them on as they stacked the giant jenga higher and higher! Morning crew is a time to creatively cooperate and get our mornings started on the best of notes.