New(-ish) Team Member // Jonathan Buckman, Social Worker

Hi everyone, this is Jonathan Buckman but at DAA I'm known as Mr.B!  DAA has been my field placement as I finish my MSW at the University of Michigan and it has been incredible so far!  Over the school year I worked with children with calming themselves and enjoying school.  Specifically I use tools like chess, music, sports, meditation, art, and martial arts to find activities that children either have a talent for or are interested in (or both!).  This summer I've continued to work with DAA's students to help continue to provide support within their interests and with academics.  As a social worker I see myself as serving all people across the globe so I hope you'll come say hi and see what we are doing at DAA to bring a one-of-a-kind education to Detroit!  Also, this year get ready for CHESS CLUB!!