RTI // Academic Intervention

This year DAA is excited to offer academic intervention (Response To Intervention) to all grades K-5 with Mrs. Bradley (4th & 5th grade), Mr. Lemons (2nd & 3rd grade), Ms. Turner (1st grade), and Ms. Shanell (kindergarten). Academic intervention is provided to children with the most need and opportunity for growth in each classroom based on NWEA MAP data, reading levels, and benchmark assessments to measure where a child stands academically in math and reading. These tests are used to intentionally create groups of children that need the most assistance in both reading and math and allow us to aim our work at particular weaknesses in each subject (tier 2 support).

In October after all of the initial testing that the beginning of year has, we rolled out the official start of intervention using EL Education’s skills block for reading and Number Worlds for math.

Each round of academic intervention will last six weeks with the same caseload. After six weeks, each child is retested in math and reading using the benchmarks previously used in order to see if they are still the most in need of intervention or if they can graduate off of the caseload and return to only receiving classroom instruction (tier 1).

EL Education’s skills block is used in all of the K-3 classrooms throughout DAA in order to give our kids a time to practice things like grammar, spelling, and punctuation in a small group with children at their same level. This practice will help create a foundation for our readers in order to move from learning to read to reading to learn.

Number Worlds is a math curriculum based on Michigan state standards that allows kids to play games that apply the math that they are working on to real world problems. The games have proven to be very engaging and keep our kids focused on the math.

Each child is seen at least three times per week in group and potentially pulled for one-on-one work as needed. In both the reading and math interventions, the children receiving intervention are given a short assessment at the end of each week in order to ensure that they are internalizing the information taught that week. Through RTI we aim to give our children the opportunity to feel successful and grow to or above grade level in reading and math and returning from a tier 2 support to tier 1.