Second Grade Interviews Detroit Heroes!

On December 15th and 16th, Second Grade Crew went on fieldwork for our Detroit Heroes Expedition. We travelled ALL over our great city meeting amazing leaders who are changing the face of Detroit. A regular blog post just didn't seem to capture the full magic of these two incredible days--I hope this poem will :)

'Twas the week before break and all through the halls, 
Maps and timelines were hung on the walls.
Our Second Grade Crew was feeling prepared,
To interview heroes with stories to be shared.

We met with Mike Madej who taught us a lot,
The Greening of Detroit sounds like a cool spot.
He helped us to practice our interview skills,
And showed us some artifacts from his travels.

Our official start was at Always Brewing cafe,
Amanda Brewington told of her collaborative way.
She brings the community closer together,
With coffee, books, and music--in all kinds of weather!

Bryan Barnhill wowed us all.
Telling us about changes in City Hall.
He told us no matter how hard things can seem,
We should always go after a goal or a dream.

David Williams taught about Detroit Real Estate,
Making neighborhoods safe--and the progress is great!
He showed us a map and we told him what we knew,
About symbols and colors and birds eye view.

When we met Jeanette Pierce, we were practically glowing,
She taught us about how her company is growing.
d:hive turned into Detroit Experience Factory,
Giving bus tours of Detroit to you and me!

Next up: the lovely Veronika Scott,
Her innovative coats help the homeless a LOT.
Quilted jackets become sleeping bags to shield from the cold,
(And one coat can fit quite a few seven year olds :)

Riet Schumack perseveres to make Brightmoor great
Between farming and organizing, she has a full plate.
She told us about keeping her community thriving,
And the changes to laws that we can be driving.

Pashon Murray ensures our environment is clean,
Turning trash into dirt to keep Detroit green!
She started Detroit Dirt as a way to compost,
Waste reduction is the thing she cares about most.

Then on to Shinola, it was about "time,"
To meet Bridget Russo, who is so divine!
We learned about how they make their great watches,
From intricate metals and soft leather swatches.

Our crew stopped by Social Proof to meet Nate Labenz,
Where we learned how to recommend the skills of your friends.
He taught us about his passion for growing the work force,
But first you need a great education, of course.

After another wonderful day,
We got back on the bus to our home, DAA.
Stay tuned for the biographies we will write,
About heroes who are making Detroit's future bright!