Snake Around (1st Grade's Awesome Music Video)

Watch out, Taylor Swift, you’ve got some competition. While you’ve been busy shaking it off, here at DAA we’ve been learning how to snake it off (or rather, snake around).  The first grade herpetologists learned so much about corn snakes that they were able to perform an entire song and dance that shows off their knowledge. You say haters gonna hate? We’re just gonna snake.  You never miss a beat? We constrict before we eat. 

As an Expeditionary Learning school, our students create authentic, high quality products that showcase everything they’ve learned in an expedition. Our Snake Around song is not a final expedition project; this song was used as a teaching tool throughout our snake expedition. Mrs. Boyer, Kyle, and myself had a blast writing the lyrics and setting the snake movements, then the students practiced, practiced, and practiced some more… all the while solidifying their content knowledge and expertise. This project was one of the ways we kept excitement and engagement high throughout the expedition.  

Interested in learning more about snakes and first grade cuteness? We were lucky enough to have an amazing filmmaker come in and help us make a music video to share our knowledge. It was an exhausting day of filming for our six-year-old scientists/pop stars, but we think the final product was worth it. Please enjoy DAA’s first ever music video!