Social Work // To Be Mindful or To Not Be Mindful….That is the Question


Living in the current fast paced/instant gratification type of society, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to remain mindful of our present moments and current states of being. Subsequently, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of life. Our various responsibilities, jobs, and other social and family duties consume us. Research suggests that such high paced, rudimental behavior causes people to have higher stress levels. On the converse, the American Psychosocial Association complied various studies that identified some benefits of people making an intentional effort to remain mindful. Such benefits include (but are not limited to) reduced stress, increased focus, and boosted working memory. Having a strong understanding of the importance of practicing, we as a school community realize that we all (staff and students) need to spend time being mindful daily.

At DAA, we value the time spent during the day to be more mindful, so much so, that we have designated times allotted for staff and students to practice mindfulness. Each crew leader provides time for students to regain focus and engage fully in various activities that make them more aware, and thoughtful young scholars. While the specific mindfulness activities may vary across each crew, each experience is intended to help students calm down after lunch, reflect on their day, and essentially reset for the afternoon. Such experiences are not only a best practice in schools nation-wide, but they also tie together nicely with our Habits of Character. DAA regards Character Development as a high priority for our school community. Therefore, we believe that allowing students to begin practicing mindfulness at this early stage of their lives, will ensure that they will grow into more thoughtful, compassionate, productive, well-rounded citizens of the world.


Mindfulness in not a new idea. In fact, it is an ancient practice that spans across various cultures and religions. At DAA, we LOVE our mindfulness time. Students actually look forward to such time, and often are disappointed if they think they will miss out on that time. As we encourage our young scholars to remain mindful, we invite them to find time to be mindful at home with their loved ones. Below are a few mindfulness activities you can try at home with your family:

Stay Mindful My Friends,

Mr. Lemons