Mother's Day - give the gift of an education!

While we all anxiously await our big school move (more on that soon), we all realized that at the beginning of the school year, we will be out of almost ALL of our school supplies. 

Having used every spare penny to purchase our building, we are left with a noticeable amount of worry about how we will ensure that our students have all the supplies that kids starting school in other places will have. 

It seems far off, but we know that we need to plan early. 

We've created this wish list of all the supplies that we know we will need before this fall. 

Rather than send the moms in your life something they don't want, why not send us some school supplies in their honor?

Here's the deal:

  • You are incredibly end supplies from our wishlist
  • E-mail to tell us that you did, include the persons name, e-mail address, relation to you, and any note you'd like us to send 
  • We will e-mail them (within 3-4 hours) with a note to let them know, thanking them profusely, and with a photo of one of our little smarties holding a much needed school supply. 

You know your mom wants this more than a bracelet. Thanks for considering helping out our wonderful students!