Hip Hop Club!!

The lack of music and art programs in Detroit makes it difficult for students to have access or gain exposure to the arts. As an educator, I understand the importance and urgency needed to provide young men with an outlet. The young men of 3rd and 4th grade expressed their interests in instruments, genres of music, and performance. The first step in responding to their request is creating a hip-hop club that will challenge students to self-regulate their learning, set their academic goals, develop strategies to address their aims, and reflect on their performance. 

Creating a hip-hop club will not only allow scholars to experience, explore, and create diverse music of their own, but it will also give them the motivation to meet academic requirements set by the club and the school. Thus, further highlighting the interdependence between community and culture, and its effect on family involvement and student achievement.

Detroit is no stranger to world changing phenomenon. Detroit is home to the first concrete highway, the first four-way traffic light, Ford Motor Company, and the list goes on. Most people know Michigan as the automotive capital of the world, but very few realize the significance of Michigan's musical heritage. This is particularly the case for today's youth within the state of Michigan. At DAA our scholars are extremely advanced. However, even our students have yet to understand the magnitude of where they are from. Detroit is many things to many people and is undoubtedly a cultural epicenter. Through the club, students will explore the transformational power of music through education and the cultural connection between Detroit and all genres of music.