Meet Megan Gardella! // Special Education


Detroit Achievement Academy friends and family! I am so thrilled to be apart of this amazing team and to be able to work with all of you! I have enjoyed all of my time getting to know students and families and I have absolutely loved building a community with you. It is so wonderful to see people come together to build such a positive environment for our students. 

Although you may not see me much, my role at the school is special education and intervention and I am lucky enough to be able to work between both of our schools (Detroit Prep). I thoroughly enjoy being welcomed every time that I step foot in both schools. When I was in college, I chose to major in Special Education because I wanted to be able to make sure that all students were able to receive a quality education regardless of their exceptionalities and differences. Everyone has a time in their life when they struggle with something and my job is to help our students when they reach that point. 

Through my teaching career so far, I have been able to teach summer school in Detroit, 3/4 split, kindergarten, and special education in South Africa. I am so lucky to have ended up in the position that I am being able to help students from a variety of backgrounds. My hope is that with my experiences, I will be able to help our students excel and work as a partner with their crew leaders! If you see me around, please say hi!! I am so excited to see the amazing work that our students complete this year!