Do you have a question about our new facility, our fundraising, or anything at all? E-mail us at hello@detroitachievement.org

Q: Why can't you borrow money or get a mortgage from a bank? 
A: We don't know! All we know is that all of the banks we've approached (most of the banks in Detroit) have said that, while they acknowledge that we recently had a glowingly perfect audit and have well-managed finances, they are not able to underwrite any kind of loan to a charter school that has been open for less than 4-5 years. 

Q: Can we come see the building?
A. Definitely! If we are able to raise enough money to move in, we are planning a big get together in August for our donors, families, and all our friends!

Q: Do you need things like furniture or help with any construction?
A: VERY MUCH! If you have office furniture you'd like to donate or if you are interested in offering pro bono or reduced rate construction, management, or architectural services, please e-mail Kyle (kyle@detroitachievement.org)!

Q: When will you move? Will you need help?
A: We are allowed to move in on July 1st and we will DEFINITELY be looking for lots of help moving. The best way to follow along for when we start looking for volunteers is to follow along on our Facebook page.