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Q: What is Expeditionary Learning?
A: EL is a project-based learning model. DAA is proud to be one of two schools in Michigan to be chosen to partner with EL. EL is quite successful in other school districts, and we have certainly seen similarly great results in our first year. To understand how EL schools are different from other schools, check out this blog post by our school designer Shyla.  

Q: Do you use other curriculum other than Expeditionary Learning?
A: Yes! EL is actually not a curriculum, but more of a framework for learning. DAA currently uses TERC Investigations for our Mathematics curriculum, Fountas & Pinnell for Phonics/Literacy, and Lucy Calkins for Writing.  


Q: What are these Habits of Character that you mention on your blog and on Facebook?
A: DAA's Habits of Character are Perseverance, Compassion, Cooperation, Curiosity & Creativity, and Responsibility. These are traits that we, as a founding staff, decided were the traits that we most hoped our students would demonstrate both in and our of the classroom. We believe that it is important to teach our students how to creatively problem solve, how to interact with others, and how to pick themselves back up when they fail. For a more detailed look at our Habits of Character, see this blog post by our Principal, Sharon Yaecker Roesser.  


Q: Are you hiring?
A: Maybe! Check our Careers page to see if we have any jobs posted. If you think that you are a great fit for our organization, but don't see any postings that match your skillset, feel free to shoot us an e-mail at careers@detroitachievement.org.  

Getting Involved

Q: Can I donate to DAA? What do you need most?
A: Of course! We would be so grateful for any and all donations! Check out our list of various wishlists here. We update all wishlists regularly, so they are a reflection of our most current needs. We also gladly accept gently used clothing, laundry detergent, new shoes, and office supplies regularly!  

Q: Is my donation to DAA tax deductible?
A: It is! DAA is a public entity under IRS Code 115 and donations to DAA are, therefore, tax deductible.  

Q: Can I come visit DAA?
A: Sure! If you are prospective parent, call us or drop in anytime for a tour and to get more information. If you want to learn more about DAA and spend some time with our school leaders, please e-mail hello@detroitachievement.org to set up a tour.  

Q: Can I volunteer at DAA?
A: Sure! For weekday volunteers, we require a weekly or bi-weekly set day/time to maintain consistency for our students. For volunteers with only after hours or weekend availability, we often have big projects at the school for which we need lots of hands. Both types of volunteer should fill out the form here. For people with more unique volunteering questions, feel free to drop us an e-mail at getinvolved@detroitachievement.org.  


Q: Can I write a story about DAA?
A: We would love that! To set up a time to visit or speak to our school leaders, please e-mail press@detroitachievement.org.  

Q: I saw you on Ellen! Is she as amazing as she seems?
A: Take however awesome you think Ellen DeGeneres is and multiply it by 1,543. That is probably closer to reality. Yes, Ellen is just as beautiful in real life as she is on screen and just as incredibly kind and funny in person as she is on screen. Every single member of her entire team were kind, lovely, charming, and dedicated. They treated our students, families, and staff like the President of the United States and even helped Kyle change a few lightbulbs while they were on their ladders. If you love Ellen and put her on a pedestal, you should. She and her show completely changed the trajectory for our school for the better, and did it with such incredible and inspiring grace.