The Building

Isn't it perfect?

The details:

  • It is 1.5 miles from our current location, which means we can maintain our same bus routes and continue to serve our existing students.
  • 22,000 square feet and 9 classrooms.
    • This means it will hold us for years without a need to build on.
  • There is land onto which we could expand the building!
    • The land (at right in the photo above) would be the ideal location for DAA to build to add on enough classrooms to make this our permanent, forever home.
  • Space for a playground, a farm, and a field.
    • In our current facility, we have no playground and a very tiny space for our students to play and exist outdoors. Our new facility has 3.5 acres (shown at left in the photo) that would allow us to give our students a farm and a great play area. 
  • The space is move-in ready!
    • We will choose to make a few improvements, but there is no major work to be done to make it a perfect home for our faculty and students!