about us

We at Detroit Achievement Academy want to shake things up a bit. We have a grand vision for what education can look like and are excited to be creating it in the great city of Detroit. We have the best curriculum in the country, are dedicated to feeding our students healthy, locally-grown food and teaching them about it, and are committed to our students’ families and to our neighborhood. We have an organic garden in our yard and a farmers’ market in our parking lot. We believe that all students can achieve at high levels and that it is our responsibility to support them in an intense and holistic way. We are thrilled to be able to provide a world-class education in a world-class city.

DAA is proud to be Detroit’s excellent school. For a look at our incredibly impressive results from our recent Year 1, please see this blog post by our Principal, Sharon Yaecker Roesser.
The Detroit Achievement Academy is guided by the following principles:

We believe in setting high standards for our students and supporting them to the best of our ability as they meet these standards and achieve their own personal goals.

We believe in hiring highly qualified teachers and supporting them with high quality professional development.

We believe that a project-based, arts-infused curiculum will allow our students to foster a selfawareness of their individual interests and strengths.

We believe that the Detroit community is vibrant and full of educational value for our students. We will incorporate Detroit history and present-day developments into the everyday curriculum.

We believe that the parents/families/guardians of each student are tremendously important roles in the student’s education and we will create and maintain high levels of communication with the people in this role.

We will serve as a resource and community center for the families of our students to help them better support their student and help us better understand the students situation outside of the classroom.

We will provide dynamic after-school programs that change in their focus every quarter. (An example of the offerings of a single quarter would include cartoon-drawing, yoga, & Aztec history.)

The Detroit Achievement Academy will embrace and foster the lost tradition of a school being a community center and hub of dialogue and change within a community.