We need your help!

DAA is continuing to add one grade level each year and, after this year, we will no longer fit in our current building. We need to buy a school building of our own! Unfortunately, charter schools that have been in operation for less than three years are not permitted to borrow from banks in Michigan. (Huge bummer!) We've found the PERFECT building (more on that below) and we need to raise about $150,000 by February 15th in order to be able to move in this summer. 

We are so lucky to know such incredibly kind people:

  • NEW UPDATE! The wonderful team at the Austin Benefits Group has just announced a dollar-for-dollar matching grant up to $25,000!
  • The Zetterberg Foundation has made the incredibly generous pledge that for every 100 donors to our fundraiser, they will donate $10,000, up to $40,000! 
  • The Born and Raised Detroit Foundation generously offered a dollar-for-dollar matching grant for the first $25,000 that we are able to raise! We were thrilled to complete that match on Saturday, January 17th!

How you can help us:

  • Donate! Every penny that you are able to give will make a huge impact on our school.
  • Share! When you donate, we will send you a unique image like the one you see below featuring a the number corresponding to what number donor you were! Share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter right away and, if you are feeling super kind and supportive, you will make this image your social media profile picture until February 15th. Your friends and family are probably (almost) as awesome as you are and so sharing our mission with them will be an enormous help for DAA!

Why you should help us:

  • We truly, seriously need it. If we can't raise the money to move into our building, our school's entire trajectory will be in jeopardy. Our current facility can no longer accommodate us and there are no other facilities near our current area. 
  • We will commemorate you (or the person of your choice) forever.
    • All donor names will be noted on a display on our wall at our new building. It will be rainbow colored in homage to our joyful rainbow stairs and divided by donor level.
      • $5,000+
      • $2,500-$4,999
      • $1,000-$2,499
      • $250-$999
      • $1-$250
  • We will send you some surprises!
    • The first 50 people to donate $100 or more will receive a piece of student art. 
    • The first 15 people to donate $250 or more will receive a DAA t-shirt.
    • The first 15 people to donate $500 or more will receive a DAA hoodie.
    • The first 15 donors to donate $1,000 or more will receive a DAA gear bag (t-shirt, hoodie, water bottle)!

The Building

Isn't it perfect?

The details:

  • It is 1.5 miles from our current location, which means we can maintain our same bus routes and continue to serve our existing students.
  • 22,000 square feet and 9 classrooms.
    • This means it will hold us for years without a need to build on.
  • There is land onto which we could expand the building!
    • The land (at right in the photo above) would be the ideal location for DAA to build to add on enough classrooms to make this our permanent, forever home.
  • Space for a playground, a farm, and a field.
    • In our current facility, we have no playground and a very tiny space for our students to play and exist outdoors. Our new facility has 3.5 acres (shown at left in the photo) that would allow us to give our students a farm and a great play area. 
  • The space is move-in ready!
    • We will choose to make a few improvements, but there is no major work to be done to make it a perfect home for our faculty and students!


Do you have a question about our new facility, our fundraising, or anything at all? E-mail us at

Q: Why can't you borrow money or get a mortgage from a bank? 
A: We don't know! All we know is that all of the banks we've approached (most of the banks in Detroit) have said that, while they acknowledge that we recently had a glowingly perfect audit and have well-managed finances, they are not able to underwrite any kind of loan to a charter school that has been open for less than 4-5 years. 

Q: Can we come see the building?
A. Definitely! If we are able to raise enough money to move in, we are planning a big get together in August for our donors, families, and all our friends!

Q: Do you need things like furniture or help with any construction?
A: VERY MUCH! If you have office furniture you'd like to donate or if you are interested in offering pro bono or reduced rate construction, management, or architectural services, please e-mail Kyle (!

Q: When will you move? Will you need help?
A: We are allowed to move in on July 1st and we will DEFINITELY be looking for lots of help moving. The best way to follow along for when we start looking for volunteers is to follow along on our Facebook page.